'She comes out for our ten year anniversary … we had this elaborate picnic out on the Point. I got down on bended knee and I said, “We've been together for ten years. Will you marry me?” And she said, “Ten years? We've only been together for nine.” And I said, “No, it's ten, and is that a yes?” And she looks at me incredulously and says, “I guess so.” It was really deflating and unsatisfying.

I had to go shoot that day, and when I came back to the Inn where we were staying … She slipped a ring on my finger. And I was like, aww, that’s so sweet! While we were shooting, she went out and got a ring for me! … But what actually happened was .., She had been making me a ring - and I’d beat her to the punch by one day, so she was like ”Grrr!” But she had made this ring - which I’ve now lost - that had nine holes. One for each year we’d been together. So when she found out it was actually ten, she was like, “Oh no!”’

Misha Collins on proposing to his wife Vicki Vantoch

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squinty!cas (+bonus jimmy novak) | requested by strongerthancas

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Dean + Looking illegally hot in suits
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"I have some editors who have come up to me in the past on the show and been like, ‘Hey man, we really appreciate what you do when you’re not saying dialogue.’ And I was like… (looks confused) And I really didn’t know, I was like ‘What do you mean?’ And they’re like, ‘Well you’re always in the scene, you’re always doing something. We know that if we need to, we can always cut to you for a reaction or something because of what somebody’s saying.’”

- Jensen Ackles

Sometimes I think Jensen isn’t really acting anymore… I think he is Dean.

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Sleepy early morning Cas ♥


Sleepy early morning Cas ♥

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